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A wide assortment of top quality instruments you can rent or purchase

You can choose from many well maintained instruments to simply rent, or rent to own. From violins to Basses, a wide selection means you’ll find just what you want.

Musician performing using a flute

Affordable lessons are available that will have you playing like a pro in no time

You can give yourself or your child a gift that lasts a lifetime with music lessons. It’s not only academic, its physical, emotional and can be done at any age.

Don’t worry about repairs for your instrument- they are done in house!

Take advantage of highly respected repair work that is offered at a fraction of the cost elsewhere. Repairs are quick, warrantied, and done with pride.

Everything you need to play is within reach, from sheet music to accessories

Learn how to play your favorite songs on your new instrument! Also, find any accessory you need from music stands to reeds for your woodwind instrument!

Committed to helping families and children get their first instrument and play their very first note for over 20 years!

From instruments to repairs, accessories and top notch lessons Clearwater Music is dedicated to each and every person that walks through the door. Staying within your budget and doing everything possible to help your child succeed in the world of music is the ultimate goal.

Clearwater strives to be a one stop shop for all your band needs. We carry everything the band directors and private teachers have asked us to as well as products to help musicians grow or just have fun.

Clearwater approaches the sale of instruments differently than most stores. I have found few new brands I will stand behind. I’m happy with CarrolBrass Trumpets. They’re hand made, excellent materials and craftsmanship and I can sell them for far less then you’ll find the more well known brands. Top players such as Brian McDonald, lead trumpet for Airmen of Note, have switched to Carrol Brass.

Otherwise, I match your budget and the player with the instrument which is nearly always older. I warranty all the instruments and my work for one full year. We carry everything from tiny violins to 3/4 bass, piccolos, to euphoniums and even, occasionally, a tuba. Economy reeds and mouthpieces as well as what the advanced players need. We also have the most reasonable rates on rentals and repairs without sacrificing quality.

Another Clearwater difference: I want to be sure you spend your money wisely. If you find a great deal on craigslist or elsewhere, I’m more than happy to check it out for you at no cost. My goal is your child has an instrument that will work well and last. This policy has worked well for Clearwater and our community for a couple of decades now.

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